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By: Magen Shambre and Natalie Restille

Every month, a new list of available scholarships is posted outside of the high school guidance office. This resource should be highly taken advantage of for seniors thinking of a future at college. For the month of October, there are nine total scholarships that you can apply for as long as you meet the criteria required. On every list given out there are very simple directions on how to apply as well as requirements and deadlines.

The nine scholarships for this month include, Academic Boosters of Crestview Scholarship, Crestview Parents Club Scholarship, Crestview Teachers’ Association Scholarship, Savannah Lions Club Scholarship, Butler Twp. Farmers Institute, Savannah Academy-High School Alumni, Fern Casler Scholarship, Richland County Foundation, and Ashland County Community Foundation.

Students can apply for as many scholarships as they would like, as long as they meet all requirements for those they are interested in. The money being awarded will vary with different scholarships, but typically, the small amount of time invested in the application process is more than worth the potential money awarded. Another way to find scholarships is Scholarship.com, which offers millions of dollars awarded to students. All students should take advantage of all of these opportunities to help with the tremendous college expenses they face today.

Senior English teacher Mrs. Wynn would like to remind students who may need a letter of recommendation to accompany scholarships not to wait until the deadline is close before asking their teachers or coaches to do them this favor:  “Students should request the letter about ten days to two weeks prior to the deadline, and have a document listing all relevant academic information, activities/athletics the student is involved in, leadership roles, volunteer and employment history and any other relevant information, as well as the specific requirements for that scholarship prepared to either hand to the teacher in hard copy or share via email.  This definitely shows consideration for that teacher and streamlines the process.”

Students are encouraged to check for and updated list of scholarships outside of the guidance office at the beginning of each month, and to speak to Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Purvis if they have questions.