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By Alyssa Weitzel and James Barber -

On September 17-20, Crestview High School had their yearly Spirit Week. This week is used to show your school spirit by dressing in different-themed clothes each day, like Pajama Day, Meme Day, Senior Citizen Day and Hawaiian Day. Students went out of their way to create their characters and make their ensembles for each day show their spirit and pride as Crestview Cougars.  Maci Brockway, a senior, said, “Spirit Week is my favorite week of school because I just think it is super fun to do something different and a great way to show some spirit.” Judging by the number of people who participated and the effort they put into creating their costumes, she's not alone.

The Student Council is in charge of deciding the themes for all the fun days for spirit week. Maci, who helped create the concepts for year’s days first hand as a Student Council member, said, “We chose these themes because we thought they were some new, different ones that our school hadn’t done before.” This is true; we have never had a “Meme Day”. For this theme, participants pinned printouts of different memes to their shirts or dressed as a representation of popular memes.  

Brooke Barnes, another Student Council member, dressed as the cartoon character Arthur to represent the meme made popular by the image from the kids show depicting Arthur controlling his emotions by clenching his fist.  Brooke claims, “I got most of the inspiration for spirit week from Pinterest!”

Not only did the students take part in this crazy week, but so did some faculty. When we asked Maci Brockway who she thought dressed the best on staff, she said “I think many of the teachers dressed pretty well, but Mrs. Dawson and Mr. Barnes did a great job on Hawaiian Day!”  Shout out to some teachers for their participation in our tradition.

Speaking of Hawaiian Day, it seems like the Class of 2019 was very into it this year, as the picture for Hawaiian Day is full of our Crestview seniors in their floral shirts and leis. Overall, when reflecting on those who took part, Maci Brockway said, “ I don’t think quite as many students participated as we had hoped, however, I do think there were enough...and a couple did really great! Bella Weitzel had a great senior citizen day outfit, with a cane to match!“  It seems that onesie pajamas were the hot go-to item for Pajama Day, with sophomore Ross Kuhn saving the day in his Batman onesie, while seniors Gavin Lowe, Kaleb Goon and Dylan Balcarcel looked like they had broken out of a barnyard or zoo in their rooster, bull and gorilla onesies.

This year’s Spirit Week was a success.  We’ll have to wait and see what’s on the lineup again next year, but what we do know is that just like every year, it’s guaranteed to be a blast!