2018 Varsity/JV Schedule


Aug. 18th - @ Buckeye Central - 10am - (L)

Aug. 21st - (H) Mapleton - 5:30pm -  (W)

Aug. 23rd - @ Ashland - 5:30pm - (L)

Aug. 28th - (H)Plymouth - 5:30pm - (W)

Aug. 3oth - @ St. Paul - 5:30pm 

Sept. 1st - @ Cardington - 10am 

Sept. 4th - @ Lucas - 5pm

Sept. 6th - @ Western Reserve - 5:30pm 

Sept. 8th - @ Shelby JV Invite - 10am (JV Only)  

Sept. 11th - (H) South Central - 5:30pm 

Sept. 13th - @ Monroeville - 5:30pm 

Sept. 15th - @ Shelby Invite - 10am (Varsity) 

Sept. 18th - @ New London - 5:30pm 

Sept. 20th - @ Mapleton - 5:30pm 

Sept. 25th - @ Plymouth - 5:30pm 

Sept. 27th - (H) St. Paul - 5:30pm 

Oct. 2nd - (H) Western Reserve - 5:30pm 

Oct. 4th - @ SC - 5:30pm 

Oct. 6th - (H) Northmor - 10am 

Oct. 9th - (H) Monroeville - 5:30pm

Oct. 11th - (H) New London (Senior Night)- 5:30pm 




Crestview Varsity Volleyball 2017

The 2017 Varsity Volleyball team won its first sectional title in 18 years, moved on to win the District championship which hadn’t been won in 21 years. We advanced to the “Sweet 16” into the Regional semi finals. The Cougars also broke 5 school records including one individual and four team records. The team broke highest team serving percentage at 93%. They also broke most hits in a season at 2552 hits, most kills in a season at 880 kills and most sets in a season at 2396 sets.


ALL OHIO D3 2017

Natalie Restille- Third Team

Magey Shambre- Honorable Mention


District VI Team 2017

Natalie Restille- 1st Team

Kennedy Hickey- 2nd Team – Play in All Star Game

Magey Shambre- 3rd Team

Kenedi Goon- Honorable Mention

Jody Ritchey- Co-Coach of the Year


Firelands Conference Team 2017

Natalie Restille- 1st Team Hitter

Kenedi Goon- 2nd Team Hitter

Magey Shambri- 2nd Team Setter

Kennedy Hickey- Honorable Mention Libero

Jody Ritchey- Co Coach of the Year


Ashland Times Gazette All Area Volleyball

Natalie Restille- 1st Team

Magey Shambre- 1st Team

Kennedy Hickey- 1st Team

Kenedi Goon- 2nd Team

Brooklyn Abshire- Honorable Mention

Kyla Brafford- Honorable Mention

Jody Ritchey- Co Coach of the year


CHS Awards

Kenedy Hickey- Top Defensive Award

Natalie Restille- Top Offensive Award

Erin Bernhard- Coaches Award

Kristen Poorman- Coaches Award

Brooklyn Abshire- Game Changer Award


Firelands Conference All Academic 2017

Brooklyn Abshire- 1st Team


Autumn Bailey- 1st Team

Erin Bernhard- 1st Team

Kennedy Hickey- 1st Team

Elly Motter- 1st Team

Kenedi Goon- 1st Team

Kristen Poorman- 2nd Team

Breanna Swank- 2nd Team

Kyla Brafford- Honorable Mention

Natalie Restille- Honorable Mention

Magey Shambre- Honorable Mention



New Team Records 2017 Old Record

Highest Serving %- 93% (93% 2012)

Most hits in a Season- 2552 Hits (2382 2016)

Most Kills in a Season- 880 Kills (733 2015)

Most sets in a Season- 2396 Sets (2146 2016)



New Individual Records 2017 Old Record

Kennedy Hickey- Most Digs in a Season- 384 Digs (383- Kennedy Hickey 2015)