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Since 1991, the Ohio Department of Education has been responsible for licensing and monitoring all early childhood programs operated through public schools.  We are in the early stages of determining the feasibility of offering a preschool unit, one AM class and one PM class, for residents of the Crestview district.  The preschool program we are looking at is best described as an “Integrated Preschool”.

The Integrated program would be available to preschool children, ages three (3) through five (5), who demonstrate delays in one or more areas of development.  A multifactored evaluation by the staff at Crestview will determine the eligibility for children with disabilities.  The activities in the program are age appropriate and are intended to facilitate the individual education plans of each child.  The environment would be designed to enhance the development of self-esteem, self-expression, curiosity, enthusiasm, and the ability to interact with other children and adults.  Curricula focuses on language development, social interaction and discovery and follows the State of Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards that include preschool as a grade level.

A limited number of typically developing children would also be given the opportunity to enroll in the program through an application selection process.  To be considered for eligibility, a typically developing student must be at least three (3) years of age by August 1st of the school year, be potty trained by the first day of school, and not have any identified disability that would qualify them as a student with special needs.

Currently, this type of preschool is a four day a week program for half of the day, either AM or PM.  Under the state model, typically developing students pay a tuition, once accepted into the program.  The rate of tuition and the payment structure is determined by the district.

Students who attend preschool must provide immunization records to include, but not limited to:  polio, measles, diphtheria, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, and mumps, or have an authorized exemption from the State immunization requirements.  Kindergarten students must be immunized against Hepatitis B and chickenpox.  Any questions regarding immunizations should be directed to the school nurse.

More information will be available once a decision has been finalized regarding the preschool.  Information will be shared on the school website, through social media, and in the local news.