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Your help is needed regarding parking in fire lanes on the Crestview campus. According to the Uniform Fire Code 8.55.060, “The obstruction of a designated fire lane by a parked vehicle or any other object is prohibited and shall constitute a traffic and fire hazard as defined in state law and the Uniform Fire Code and be an immediate hazard to life and property.” 

We are required by law to keep fire lanes clear and free for the safety of all. We are asking all patrons visiting the Crestview campus to kindly park in provided parking lots for all activities. NO PARKING will be allowed in fire lanes. Areas of concern are at the high school drives around the gymnasium, locker rooms, band rooms, industrial arts and agricultural areas. Also, at the West side of the middle school gymnasium/side walk areas. Parents and patrons are asked to park in the parking lot for picking up students or attending activities.

(8.55.040) “Any vehicle or object obstructing a designated fire lane is hereby declared a traffic and fire hazard and may be immediately impounded pursuant to the applicable state law, and Uniform Fire Code, without prior notification to its owner. Pursuant to state law, the owner may be held responsible for all impound fees.”

The Crestview Board of Education kindly appreciates your cooperation.