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The Crestview FFA had a Parliamentary Procedure Team who competed on November 28th, 2018 at Buckeye Central High School. The team received 1st place out of 5 teams at the competition.

Parliamentary Procedure is when the members demonstrate how to properly run a meeting. In Parliamentary Procedure, teams are judged on public speaking skills, debate, proper use of parliamentary procedure, and parliamentary procedure knowledge. This year’s team is made up of Sierra May, Sierra Schaffer, Elly Motter, Leo Ringler, Savannah Stuart, Destiny LaFever, and Emily Fry. They will compete again on Tuesday, December 4th at Wynford High School.

Submitted by Reporters Destiny LaFever and Emily Fry
Pictured is the Parli Pro team

It is that time of year when school administrators are on edge each evening before they go bed, watching the weather and hoping for the best. This is the time of year where there are many short and sleepless nights in store for those responsible for making the decision to delay or close. Regardless of the decision, our main concern is the safety of our students on those mornings when mother nature decides to throw a wrinkle into our normal schedule.

Myself, I am usually watching the last weather report of the evening around 11:30 p.m. and then up by 4:00 a.m. in order to start checking the roads of the district.  My transportation supervisor is generally on the same schedule as well and we split the district north and south in order to cover as many roads as possible before making any determination.  We are also in contact with many of the township people to gauge their perspective on the roads as well since they are out treating and plowing very early. Numerous trips at varied times in the morning are taken in order for us to make the best possible decision that needs to be made at that time.

In the case of a delay, we are trying to do our best to make sure that the roads are going to be passable at the time when our buses need to be rolling.  We are gauging the current weather and road conditions, the short range projections for additional hazardous weather, and the current status of the agencies who are out working to clean the roads. We are also in contact with other neighboring districts to see how their road conditions are since many of us share very similar types of roads and traffic patterns.  Delays are generally done in the hope that time and daylight will afford us the opportunity to continue with the instructional day and serve the students in the district on a modified schedule.

When a closure is necessary, whether that is following a delay or immediate, we are still out on the roads early and assessing the conditions so that we can remain diligent in our duties. Closure of school indicates that the county has issued a road advisory and it will not expire in time for us to have a delay, or the roads are not passable and the weather will not let up early enough for us to start school even with a delay. After a delay is called we continue assessing road conditions. If it is determined that there is no possible way for the road crews to get all of our thoroughfares cleared in a timely manner to permit us to provide a reduced instructional day a closure may be issued.

Bottom line, the safety of our students is our main concern.  Like the weather man calling the upcoming weather accurately, gauging the need to delay or cancel can be just as difficult if not more so.  While we are aware of the frustrations that exist when school is delayed or cancelled, we hope that you appreciate our desire to put the well being of all students first and remain cautious in our decisions.

For Friday, November 30, 2018, Crestview LSD will be on 2-Hour delayed start due to the fog.

For Friday, November 30, 2018, Crestview LSD will be on 2-Hour delayed start due to the fog.

On October 24th through the 26th, 15 members of the Crestview FFA attended the FFA 91st National Convention.

On their way to Indianapolis they went on two tours. One consisted of the Honda Heritage Center. There they got to tour the museum along with how they make their cars. Members got the the opportunity to see a simulation of how cars are made, as well as participate in hands on activities such as a trivia race and scavenger hunt. The next tour that the chapter went on was the Wilson Football Factory. Members were able to see how a football is made, as well as what all goes into making a football from the United States.

Following Wilson Football Factory, the chapter headed to Indianapolis. On the first night, the chapter went bowling with Clearfork and Northmor members. The next day, members got to tour the Expo Center and then attend the second and third general sessions of National Convention. During the chapter’s time in the sessions, they got to see the CEO of John Deere speak.

On Friday of that week, the chapter was proudly represented by Emma Ardis who made it to the top four in her Veterinary Science job placement. The chapter also is proud to announce that this year Kadie Myers and Dawson Lafever received their American degrees.

Images are Crestview Students that went on Convention Trip
Submitted by Crestview FFA reporters Destiny LaFever and Emily Fry