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Crestview Middle School continues to work to deliver appropriate instruction to all of our students in the middle school through the use of classroom teachers, intervention specialist and aides.

The 6th graders shared their presentations for online safety with our 3rd graders. The 6th graders used what they have learned from Mrs. Blackledge to develop and publish comic strips that show the importance of online safety.

We are looking forward to supporting the FFA in their Meals of Hope project again this year. We will be running a fundraiser and packaging. This is a great opportunity for our students to be actively involved with our community and giving.

2017-2018 Assessment Schedule

  • April 18 - AIR ELA All English/LA (Part I)
  • April 19 - AIR ELA All English/LA (Part II)
  • April 26 - Math (Gr. 6 only - Parts I & II) 
  • May 1, 3 - Science (Gr. 5 & 8) (Parts I & II) 
  • May 3 - All Math (Parts I & II) 
  • May 16-17 - NWEA


During February Crestview Middle School will be collecting orders and payments for the 2017-2018 yearbook. Envelopes will be sent home with students prior to sales date. A check and order may be returned to the school or you can place an order online with Ripcho Studio until March 16. The cost is $19 and checks should be made out to: Ripcho Studio. Yearbooks need to be ordered in advance - no extra copies will be available.

The Middle School Physical Education Department purchased some new equipment for the 2017-18 school year. Using the student fee money ($2 per student in grades 4-8) all money will go towards purchasing new equipment for the students.

Two new scooters and six new dodgeballs were purchased to replace aging equipment. Contrary to what Mr. Garrabrant says, we do more in P. E. class than just play dodgeball! We use the dodgeballs for many activities besides dodgeball, like grid games and alley games. Ask your son or daughter to explain those activities to you if you are unfamiliar. 

Striking moving objects is one of our state standards. To help improve students rate of success at this skill, we purchased two 16” diameter volleyball training balls, and 12 oversized badminton birdies.

Many of our activities involve the students themselves acting as the referees/umpires. Of course, a ref needs a whistle. Traditional whistles are not good for sharing, and electronic whistles are not very reliable due to batteries and easily breaking if dropped. We think we finally found our solution, hand held squeeze whistles. They are easy to use and safe for sharing, and require no batteries. Most importantly, they are durable. No matter how many times they get dropped, they won’t break.

Finally, we are very excited about purchasing a portable timer, one like you might see at the end of a 5K race to let people know their finishing time. This timer will be used on the track on days we run the mile with our students. Each time around the track the students will be able to see their time and know if they are on pace or if they need to increase their pace. It will also give them instant feedback when they finish, they will immediately know their time. The  timer will also be used in our fitness room for weight training station work.
~ Kim Bajko and Jason Goon, Physical Education Instructors

Crestview Middle School is committed to offering the very best in instruction and educational opportunity to our students. This means continuously striving to improve on programming and delivery. I am excited about the work of our teaching and support staff to provide quality educational programming to all CMS students. Your CMS staff has taken the initiative to acquire several grants to build on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities for students. We have seen a partnering of 8th grade students and 4th grade students for simple coding activities with our Ozobots, and new ‘MakerSpace’ in our media center, and we are exploring more opportunities for students to program, code, build and create as a part of their learning. It is our goal to foster expert learning strategies in every student to prepare them for the continuously changing landscape of the job market they will be faced with. This will be accomplished through challenging our students to be creative, resourceful and resilient in the their learning. To stay in touch with CMS and the many great things happening please follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/crestviewmiddle.

Our Fall Family Night was a success and saw well over 400 people in the Middle School on November 2nd. We will hold another Family Night in March.

Modern Woodmen of America will be sponsoring our Future City competition this year through a partnership with Jen Blackledge. They will provide $800 worth of materials to teams to construct their models. This is our 2nd year participating in the competition.

Fall sports starts Monday July 31 (Aug 1st MS volleyball/cheer). There will be a mandatory parents/guardian meeting Thursday August 27th 6:00pm at the High School. Information on try-outs/practices and team rules will be given at this meeting and also an opportunity for you to meet your coaches. 

Student/Athletes must have a valid physical in order to participate you can find the necessary paperwork at https://crestviewschools.net/cougars/crestview-athletics scroll down until you see 2017-2018 sports participation forms packet highlighted in red.

Another great resource is https://crestviewschools.net/cougars/athleticscalendar here you can find all practices and events listed.