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By: Magen Shambre and Natalie Restille

Every month, a new list of available scholarships is posted outside of the high school guidance office. This resource should be highly taken advantage of for seniors thinking of a future at college. For the month of October, there are nine total scholarships that you can apply for as long as you meet the criteria required. On every list given out there are very simple directions on how to apply as well as requirements and deadlines.

The nine scholarships for this month include, Academic Boosters of Crestview Scholarship, Crestview Parents Club Scholarship, Crestview Teachers’ Association Scholarship, Savannah Lions Club Scholarship, Butler Twp. Farmers Institute, Savannah Academy-High School Alumni, Fern Casler Scholarship, Richland County Foundation, and Ashland County Community Foundation.

Students can apply for as many scholarships as they would like, as long as they meet all requirements for those they are interested in. The money being awarded will vary with different scholarships, but typically, the small amount of time invested in the application process is more than worth the potential money awarded. Another way to find scholarships is Scholarship.com, which offers millions of dollars awarded to students. All students should take advantage of all of these opportunities to help with the tremendous college expenses they face today.

Senior English teacher Mrs. Wynn would like to remind students who may need a letter of recommendation to accompany scholarships not to wait until the deadline is close before asking their teachers or coaches to do them this favor:  “Students should request the letter about ten days to two weeks prior to the deadline, and have a document listing all relevant academic information, activities/athletics the student is involved in, leadership roles, volunteer and employment history and any other relevant information, as well as the specific requirements for that scholarship prepared to either hand to the teacher in hard copy or share via email.  This definitely shows consideration for that teacher and streamlines the process.”

Students are encouraged to check for and updated list of scholarships outside of the guidance office at the beginning of each month, and to speak to Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Purvis if they have questions.  

By Alyssa Weitzel and James Barber -

On September 17-20, Crestview High School had their yearly Spirit Week. This week is used to show your school spirit by dressing in different-themed clothes each day, like Pajama Day, Meme Day, Senior Citizen Day and Hawaiian Day. Students went out of their way to create their characters and make their ensembles for each day show their spirit and pride as Crestview Cougars.  Maci Brockway, a senior, said, “Spirit Week is my favorite week of school because I just think it is super fun to do something different and a great way to show some spirit.” Judging by the number of people who participated and the effort they put into creating their costumes, she's not alone.

The Student Council is in charge of deciding the themes for all the fun days for spirit week. Maci, who helped create the concepts for year’s days first hand as a Student Council member, said, “We chose these themes because we thought they were some new, different ones that our school hadn’t done before.” This is true; we have never had a “Meme Day”. For this theme, participants pinned printouts of different memes to their shirts or dressed as a representation of popular memes.  

Brooke Barnes, another Student Council member, dressed as the cartoon character Arthur to represent the meme made popular by the image from the kids show depicting Arthur controlling his emotions by clenching his fist.  Brooke claims, “I got most of the inspiration for spirit week from Pinterest!”

Not only did the students take part in this crazy week, but so did some faculty. When we asked Maci Brockway who she thought dressed the best on staff, she said “I think many of the teachers dressed pretty well, but Mrs. Dawson and Mr. Barnes did a great job on Hawaiian Day!”  Shout out to some teachers for their participation in our tradition.

Speaking of Hawaiian Day, it seems like the Class of 2019 was very into it this year, as the picture for Hawaiian Day is full of our Crestview seniors in their floral shirts and leis. Overall, when reflecting on those who took part, Maci Brockway said, “ I don’t think quite as many students participated as we had hoped, however, I do think there were enough...and a couple did really great! Bella Weitzel had a great senior citizen day outfit, with a cane to match!“  It seems that onesie pajamas were the hot go-to item for Pajama Day, with sophomore Ross Kuhn saving the day in his Batman onesie, while seniors Gavin Lowe, Kaleb Goon and Dylan Balcarcel looked like they had broken out of a barnyard or zoo in their rooster, bull and gorilla onesies.

This year’s Spirit Week was a success.  We’ll have to wait and see what’s on the lineup again next year, but what we do know is that just like every year, it’s guaranteed to be a blast!

Homecoming 2018

By: Crestview High School Journalism Staff

One weekend a year, high school communities in America gather together to celebrate their homecoming. This is an event that is special to these communities because it brings together students, staff, and alumni to celebrate their treasured high school memories. This special Crestview tradition will continue on this year on the nights of Friday, September 21st and Saturday, September 22nd.

Crestview celebrates homecoming very traditionally. The beginning of the celebration is marked by the excitement of a football game Friday night, followed by students jumping into their formal attire and dancing the night away on Saturday.

“When I came here it was important to carry on traditions that had come before me. I think homecoming is meaningful for students as well as community members and alumni,” explained high school Principal, Andrew Ditlevson.

Crestview High School’s Student Council works hard in the weeks before homecoming to prepare for this extravaganza. Student Council splits up into several different committees that are in charge of different aspects of homecoming: the pep rally committee, which produces entertainment for a pep rally during the school day, the ticket committee, for which students take time out of their GAP and lunch periods to sell tickets for the dance, and the halftime committee, which plans the King/Queen reveal and other festivities that occur at the Friday night football game.

The decoration committee plans and sets up the decor for the dance event. “This year’s theme is “A City in Lights” and the decorations are possibly the best I have seen in the last couple years! Student Council members have been working hard after school and on weekends to create the decorations that will hopefully transform the commons/gym area,” explained student council advisor, Robin Dawson.

Decoration committee member Kenedi Goon states, “ We made a lot of signs and decorated the arch and walkway, and I, as well as many other Student Council members, have taken time out of a Saturday to come in and help make decorations for this year's homecoming.”

Student Council produces the entirety of the Saturday night dance. “After the halftime ceremony, we come back to the high school to start decorating. We decorate/ set-up until 11 PM. Most of our decorations are already done, so we mainly just hang them up and rearrange things. Tables are set up for the drink table. We also make sure that all the lights are able to be plugged in,” said Mrs. Dawson.

Two weeks before homecoming weekend, students gather during their class meetings to vote on who they feel should be on the homecoming court. The students who have the highest votes--five guys and five girls-- are elected to be on the court. This year’s homecoming court consists of Molly Ardis, James Barber, Dylan Balcarcel, Bailey Bean, Alexis Hill, Brevin King, Kolton Kissel, Gavin Lowe, Natalie Restillie, and Carly Stevens. The guy and girl who receive the most overall votes are elected to be the homecoming King and Queen, and crowned by the former king and queen at the football game on Friday night.  The candidates will each receive a box containing balloons; when told to do so, each will open his or her box and the guy and girl who’s boxes contain the white balloons will indicate this year’s king and queen!

As always, homecoming will bring together students, staff, and alumni, both past and present. The cliché of emotional parents sending off their well-dressed sons and daughters to a traditional high school dance is something that is welcomed by the community every year.  The student body will be able to experience the stunning Friday night lights and transition into the relaxing glamour of the City Lights.

By Storm Bluntschly and Garret Parlett

Crestview Local Schools are holding parent teacher conferences, which will be starting this week. The dates and times for the high school are Tuesday, September 25 from 3:15-7:15pm, Thursday, October 18 from 3-7pm, and Friday, October 19 from 7:30 am-11 am.  The dates and times for the middle school are Tuesday, October 16 from 3:30-7:30pm, Thursday, October 18 from 3-7pm and Friday, October 19 from 7:30-11 am. The elementary school rounds out the dates on Monday, October 15 from 3:00-7:00, Thursday, October 18 from 3-7pm and Friday, October 19 from 7:30 am- 11 am.

Teachers from all around the district encourage many of their students and their parents to attend. Staff and faculty members really appreciate when students and parents come in, as this is a great way for many students to get some extra help determining where to focus and to discuss the tools they need for success in the future.  While technology allows for parents to check their child’s grades, and email and phone calls allow for additional communication, many teachers feel there is still real value in a face-to-face meeting.

The High School is also holding a Federal Application for Student Aide, or FAFSA, informational session during the parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday September 25th in the media center at 6:00 PM. The meeting should last approximately one hour. “This session will give instructional information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid that all college- bound students and parents must fill out. Also, there is a college fair at OSU-M/NCSC campus on Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 6-8 pm,” states the Dean of Students Mrs. Kelly Purvis.

Crestview schools are really hoping for a great turnout this year at the parent teacher conferences. We are encouraging any parents with questions, concerns, or who just want to chat, to come out. You can schedule a meeting with any teacher by getting in contact with each building’s secretary.

By: Jake Greer and Rhett Ward, Crestview High School Journalism Students

With the football and volleyball seasons underway, things are looking up for both of the programs. Conference play for the football team starts this Friday, and our volleyball girls travel to Shelby Invite on Saturday to prove their dominance.

Our football team got off to a good start knocking off Loudonville 29-26

in a back and forth affair. However, these past two matchups have not been kind to the Cougars as they’ve fallen to some tough opponents in Hillsdale and Carey. Now, the Cougars look to bounce back this Friday with their first conference game against Western Reserve.

Senior quarterback, Brevin King, and senior running back, Dylan Balcarcel, spoke on how the season has played out so far. “The conference sucks, so we shouldn’t lose from here on out. I believe we can beat St. Paul; despite what everyone else says, no one can handle us.” King tells us.  Balcarcel continues this statement with his own thoughts on the conference, “We played some hard teams to start the season. I think we’ll pick it up during conference play and keep improving as the season continues.”

We also asked about how the injury to Gavin Lowe, a would-be senior starter, affected the team. The two responded on how big of an injury it really was to them. “Gavin really loves this sport and had more heart than anyone on the team. We’re playing for him and we don’t want to let him down,” Brevin told us. Dylan added to that thought by saying, “The injury made us realize how we could be hurt at any moment, and knowing how much he wants to play makes us play harder and keeps us from taking this season for granted.”

The volleyball team has been playing well to start the season as well with a 6-3 record. They are trying to build off an amazing season last year where they defeated multiple powerhouse schools on the way to the regional semi-finals. They were eventually knocked out there, but this hasn’t stopped them from attempting to repeat the success.

We asked sophomore, Kenedi Goon, and senior, Alexis Hill, about how the season has moved along. “The expectations are really high this year and our coach has really high standards. We have worked really hard to get in shape and get faster for all the competition coming up,” Goon told us. Hill said, “The expectation this year is to get to state. We’ve conditioned and trained to win and that’s what we plan to do.”

“The season started a little slow because we amped up our schedule to play better teams,” Goon said. “ We lost 3 games early to some really good teams but we got better in the process.” Alexis added by saying, “The start of the season has went well so far...we didn’t have our starting setter early but we have her back now and the chemistry on the court has been a lot better. We have been improving every game and I feel that by tournament time, we will be ready to make a push for state.”