Due to Weather and other various factors here is the updated remaining Baseball and Softball schedule.

Varsity Baseball 

Apr. 22nd @ Norwayne - 12pm

May 12th @ St. Paul - 5pm

Junior Varsity Baseball

Apr. 22nd (H) vs. Smithville - 11am (Single Game)

Apr. 27th @ Highland (Marengo) - 5pm

May 12th (H) vs. St. Paul - 5pm (DH) two 5 Inning games

Freshman Baseball

Apr. 22nd @ Northwestern - 11am (DH)

Apr. 24th @ Cloverleaf - 5pm

Apr. 27th (H) vs. Bucyrus - 5pm

Apr. 29th (H) vs. Galion - 11am 

May 10th (H) vs. Cloverleaf - 5pm

May 13th @ Lexington - 11am (DH)

Varsity Softball

May 12th (H) vs. St. Paul

Junior Varsity Softball

Apr. 24th @ Madison - 5pm

Apr. 27th (H) vs. Chippewa - 5pm

Apr. 28th (H) vs. Black River - 5pm

May 3rd (H) vs. Norwalk - 5pm

May 4th @ Mapleton - 5pm

May 5th (H) vs. Mapleton - 5pm

May 6th @ Ashland (DH) - 11am

May 8th (H) vs. Madison - 5pm

May 11th @ Keystone - 5pm

May 12th (H) vs. Galion - 5pm